HERCULES Adjustable Bath & Shower Transfer Bench with Back and Side Arm

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Color: White
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HERCULES Series 300 Lb. Capacity Adjustable Bath & Shower Transfer Bench with Back and Side Arm.


Brand: Flash Furniture.


If bathroom safety is your goal at your assisted living facility, then a shower transfer bench should be available to every patient. Transfer chairs allow patients with mobility trouble to slide their way out of the tub or shower while seated. Suitable for any bathroom, the back installs on either side of the arm.

If you plan on traveling, take your bath bench with you to feel at ease at your destination. The shower seat includes drainage holes to provide a better sitting experience allowing soapy water to drain through. Minimize buildup with a water-based cleaner.

Provide extra security to ease fearful patients who've fallen in the past with an FDA-approved tub bench with rubber feet to prevent the bath chair from shifting. Don't risk slipping when a transfer bench chair makes it so easy to transition in and out of the shower.

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